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The ceramic braces system includes clear, tooth-coloured braces and is a great alternative to the conventional metal braces. When you are on ceramic braces treatment, you smile with greater confidence because the tooth-coloured brackets are hardly noticeable, says a renowned orthodontic specialist in London. Thus, ceramic brackets are equally preferred by both children and adults.

The wires that are used in this treatment procedure can also be in the colour of the teeth although in the final rounds you may have to wear metal wires that are stronger. The teeth straightening treatment with ceramic braces in London is popular because of both its effectiveness and affordability. The treatment is more reasonable than both Invisalign and Incognito simply because it is free from any lab charge.

Teeth straightening with ceramic braces:

Fitting the ceramic brackets to your teeth is a simple procedure. Your orthodontist will first apply a specially formulated product called etch to each of the tooth. The teeth are then completely washed of the substance and allowed to get dry. A specially designed suction tube is used to keep the front surface of the teeth free from moisture. 
Once the teeth are properly cleaned and dried, each block of a ceramic bracket is separately glued to the teeth. In the next phase, a thin wire gets threaded through each block and it is held in place using a tiny clear piece of plastic.

Fitting the braces:

Once the fitting part is over, you have to visit the orthodontist every 8 to 12 weeks during which the expert will assess the treatment progress as well as make any necessary adjustments to your wires. You are likely to experience a little discomfort after every routine visit. This proves that your treatment is on the right track and your teeth are moving towards their desired position. Orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces requires anywhere between 12 and 24 months to straighten the teeth on an average. You have to be on retainers once the treatment is over. This appliance remains discreet in the mouth and holds the teeth in their new positions. Usually, a removable retainer is used although in certain cases the orthodontists will choose the fixed retainers.

Inconvenience related to braces fitting procedure:

You won’t feel uncomfortable while the braces are being fitted to your teeth although the jet of cold water that is used may make you feel a little uncomfortable. Once the braces are fitted, your teeth are likely to be a little sensitive. There will also be some levels of discomfort as your teeth start moving to their desired positions. These unwanted side-effects will wear out automatically in a few days.

Your changed lifestyle with ceramic braces:

Once you get your ceramic braces fitted, your lifestyle must be modified a little. Remember these 3 simple tips to avoid any incidents with your ceramic braces:

  • Avoid hard, sticky foods.
  • Avoid cola drinks and fruit juices.
  • Avoid snacking between meals.

These tips will help you keep your teeth safe from caries or cavities in one hand and avoid unsightly marks on the other.

If the braces break:

If a bracket comes off the tooth, do not delay and contact your orthodontic specialist and get the bracket re-attached. If the wire breaks or comes loose, see your orthodontist without delay. In certain cases, the wire behind the brace may dig into your tissues in the cheek. This problem also needs to be resolved soon and for that, you must promptly visit your orthodontist.

Adult Braces Clinic in London possesses excellent track record in teeth straightening with ceramic braces. The practice is located at Harley Street in Marylebone. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the treatment.

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