How You Can Avoid Breaking Your Trays
How You Can Avoid Breaking Your Trays

You just got your first pair of Invisalign aligners and you're extremely excited! That’s the first step towards realizing your dream smile. It is important that you take delicate care of your aligners during this journey. If your Invisalign breaks or cracks, you would likely suffer some discomfort when you wear the aligners. Depending on the severity, you might be required to have them replaced. In this amazing blog post, our dentist for Invisalign in London will be revealing some incredible Invisalign tips on how to take care of your aligners and prevent them from developing cracks.

Professional Invisalign tips for maintaining your aligners

  1. Avoid chewing or playing with your aligners

There are times when you'd find yourself moving your aligners around or chewing on them absentmindedly. If you just started wearing your new pair of aligners, it is likely that you also struggle with some discomfort initially. Regardless, it is essential that you do not play with them or chew on them. This can affect the integrity of their material and cause the formation of cracks.

  1. Always take out your Invisalign aligners before every meal

It may seem easy as pie to take out your Invisalign before you eat, however, there might be cases when you are tempted to leave them on. Probably you only want to grab a quick bite or you feel there's not enough time to keep them properly. In either ways, you should understand that Invisalign aligners are not designed to accommodate the pressure that chewing creates. So it's crucial that you take them out before your meal.

  1. Store your Invisalign aligners in their case instead of leaving them exposed

Leaving your aligners exposed in the open makes them susceptible to falls and other undesirable events, like being damaged by your kids. Even if you don't intend to leave your aligners out for a long time, we still recommend that you store them properly so as to avoid any regrets.

  1. Change aligners in line with the schedule set by your dentist for you

Switching to a new pair of trays can be delightful. However, switching to a new set too soon can cause you to experience discomfort and pain. In addition to this pain, your aligners can become vulnerable to cracks and breaks. This is why it is necessary that you remain on track with the aligner schedule set by your dentist for you and be patient until your teeth are ready before you move onto the next set of aligners.

  1. Ensure you remove them correctly

Wearing and removing your new set of Invisalign aligners can be quite challenging. It is advisable that you wait a while before taking them out; this is because it can be surprisingly hard to remove them just after you place them inside your mouth. Don't forget to begin removing them from the back before you gradually move toward the front. In case you need extra assistance, a hook designed to safely eject your Invisalign aligners can be used.

Your Invisalign trays broke: what do you do?

You just found out your aligners broke and you're panicky. Be calm, there's no need to get all worked up. Here’s what you need to do.

If your clear aligners eventually break, there's nothing to worry about. The first thing you should do is contact your dentist the moment you realise there is a crack. If the crack is not deep, then it might be okay to continue wearing your aligners. Moreover, your orthodontic specialist might even be able to fix it. Your dentist might also recommend moving onto your next pair of aligners, but this would be determined by when your trays got cracked. However, if your trays get cracked after you have just gotten a new set, you might be asked to go back to your former set until your dentist prepares a set of replacement aligners.

Indeed, Invisalign offers an effective and easy solution for achieving a fantastic smile. It is important that you take adequate care of your trays when you receive them. Dealing with broken or cracked aligners can slowdown your progress. Besure to follow our professional Invisalign tips to ensure a smooth Invisalign treatment process and successful results.



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