How Does Invisalign Work? Your Guide To Invisible Teeth Straightening
How Does Invisalign Work? Your Guide To Invisible Teeth Straightening

My guess is that you must have heard of Invisalign at least once. Invisalign is a treatment used in straightening the teeth. It is an alternative which is rapidly becoming popular to the old school traditional metal braces, just like the ones Prince Harry used when he was still quite young.

Unlike traditional metal braces though, you have likely never set your eyes on Invisalign anywhere.

There’s no way you could have even noticed it when it is invisible. That is why it is “invis-align.”

So, how exactly do this invisible braces work? How can a material which is invisible help you achieve teeth straightening London for that perfect smile you have always wanted to have?

Well, buckle up for what is coming next. This detailed report will talk about everything you are required to know about Invisalign treatment.

Tell me directly, how does Invisalign work?

This treatment is an invisible braces method of teeth straightening London that makes use of outstanding 3D computer-imaging technology.

The technology which runs Invisalign takes your teeth’s present and the last straightened position, to create a treatment plan which slowly aligns your teeth. Then after some weeks, you will constantly replace the present Invisalign with a new pair of aligners until that perfect smile of yours is achieved!

So, how does Invisalign move my teeth?

The teeth are moved gradually by Invisalign by putting a controlled force to several parts of the teeth in the course of several parts of your treatment. In a nutshell, only some particular set of teeth can move with every new set of aligners you put on. This is a less painful and a much more controlled way of teeth straightening in London when compared to traditional metal braces.

What material is Invisalign made of?

Invisalign is a type of invisible braces made from clear thermoplastic and medical grade. This material is very smooth, so there is no need to worry about any discomfort while you are sleeping!

Oh! Where do we start? Unlike the metal braces, Invisible braces:

  • Can be removed

You can remove them anytime you want to. When you want to eat, drink, or even look stunning on your date.

  • Are literally invisible

These set of aligners are very clear and are way thinner compared to your average mouth guard.

  • Facilitate better health of your gum

Because you can remove them, you can floss and clean like you usually do. And also, they are not metallic, so do not worry about cutting your gums also.

  • You have no restrictions on what to eat

Eat anything you want. If you want to chew gum, you can. Definitely without wearing the aligners.

  • Save you time at the orthodontist

Since you are not making use of metal brackets or wires, you do not need to be worried about tightening anything.

  • Comfortable

The material used is a thermoplastic, and it is very smooth. It helps you avoid metals rubbing the inside of your cheeks or your gums during your teeth straightening.

  • Choosing Invisalign is a lifestyle choice

This is the best alternative for individuals who want to maintain and live their normal lifestyle.

Avoid every common brace issues when you choose Invisalign.

What is the timeframe for Invisalign treatment?

The short response to that is, it varies. But why? Every individual’s plan is custom-made to suit their needs. But why again?

This depends on the number of dental conditions the patient has (for example; overly crowded, gapped teeth, etc.) will play a role in the Invisalign treatment’s length. Of course, you should take advantage of the free consultation we provide to check out what our plans look like.

How long do I have to put on Invisalign daily?

You should put on your Invisible braces every time, except when you need to brush your teeth, eat, or drink. Well, except for cold water.

This denotes that you are required to put them on while you are sleeping. If you are scared, you would not be able to sleep when you have them on, do not worry!

Every aligner is custom-made to fit your teeth, so they should feel free to touch and comfortable.

Am I required to clean my Invisalign aligners? If yes, how?

Obviously, you’ll need to clean the invisible braces aligners. The easiest way you can clean your aligners is to rinse them in water that is lukewarm, then brush them with a soft toothbrush every night.

You can also buy the official cleaning kit of Invisalign.

Is the treatment painful?

Several people experience a little bit of discomfort for the initial few days of their Invisalign treatment. Nevertheless, this will go off after some days as your teeth gradually move to your aligner’s shape.

This is normal because every set of aligners places pressure on your teeth to gradually move your teeth to your desired position.

Aside from that, you should feel comfortable in your Invisalign aligners since they are custom-made to fit on your teeth!

Will I wear Invisalign retainers for life?

Well, technically, there is nothing that lasts forever, but this step is very important to keep your teeth stable and straight. If not, you will likely risk relapse. That is, your teeth will shift back to its original position after you’ve completed your treatment.

If you really want to avoid any form of relapse put on your retainer anytime you are asleep.

Or think about it this way. Getting Invisalign treatment is an investment for your teeth, so secure your investment! Put on retainers as instructed by your dentist.

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment?

For an average adult, the price of Invisalign is around £2,500 to £5,500.

Our dental practice in London comprises of a three-tiered structure:

  • Invisalign Full: £4,200
  • Invisalign Lite: £3,000
  • i7: £1,800

Will Invisalign be covered by my insurance?

Several insurances give some level of coverage. If you aren’t sure, do not worry! Go to your insurance provider to make an inquiry.

If you want, we can also help you. So, feel free to reach out to us so our team can assist you by answering any questions you may have on insurance.

Am I eligible to get Invisalign treatment?

The dental treatments which benefit from Invisible braces treatment include:

  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Underbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Deep bite
  • Overly crowded teeth
  • And some others.

There is a high chance that you’re an eligible candidate. You will get a better idea of knowing if it is right for you by taking our free consultation.

Where can I get Invisalign?

Orthodontists and dentists should have attended special training to prescribe Invisalign treatment to people. Be sure that the person who wants to treat you is qualified for teeth straightening London.

We are certified here, and we can assist you in achieving the perfect smile you have always desired! If you want to achieve your dream smile, but you do not want to do away with your normal lifestyle, opt for Invisible braces.

If you have some other questions which have to do with how Invisalign works, and teeth straightening, do check out our page on Invisalign overview for in-depth info.

Contact us for Invisalign treatments in London. Let’s help you in getting your desired smile!

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