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Gap In Teeth Gap In Teeth

Gap In Teeth

This occurrence, also known as diastema happens when there is a space or a gap between the teeth. You can have spaces anywhere in your mouth, but it is typically found between the two top front teeth. Diastema is found in adults and children. However, children may have their gaps gone when adult teeth begin to develop.

Certain gaps between teeth are minor and inconspicuous, but there are others that look big and becomes an issue that requires cosmetic work. Are you concerned about the way your gap appears? Several methods of filling it up or minimising the size are available.

What causes a diastema?

More than one factor is responsible for the gap between teeth. In certain individuals, this malocclusion happens as a result of the difference in size between their teeth and jaw bone. Diastema may occur if your teeth are too small for your jaw bone. This creates too much spacing between teeth. Genetics can define the size of your teeth and jawbone - implying that diastema can be found in the family lineage.

Another case of diastema happens when the tissue that separates the two top front teeth and gum line grows too much. It is this excessive growth that separates the teeth to create a gap between them.

In addition, there are some habits which may not be good that causes diastema. Thumb sucking in children exerts a pressure on the anterior teeth, which makes them to pull forward and create a gap.

Older children and adults may develop a gap between teeth as a result of abnormal swallowing reflexes. This happens when the tongue which is supposed to be located at the roof of the mouth during a swallow pushes against the front teeth. Dentists call this a 'tongue thrust'. It may look like it's not dangerous, but when there is so much pressure on the front teeth, a gap can form.

Gum disease, which is a type of infection, can also bring about a gap between teeth. Where this happens, the gums and tissue supporting the teeth are damaged by inflammation. The consequence of this is the loss of tooth gaps between teeth. There are signs of gum disease, including bleeding gums, bone loss, loose teeth, swollen and red gums.

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How to treat a gap between teeth

Depending on the factor responsible for diastema, treatment may or may not be needed. Certain cases of diastema may be a cosmetic concern, and may not develop into something serious like gum disease.

One common fix for the gap between teeth is braces. Consisting of wires and brackets that exert pressure on teeth, braces gradually pull the teeth together and close the gap. Clear and removable braces may come in handy for some cases of diastema.

Should you not feel comfortable with braces for diastema, consult your doctor for cosmetic treatment for filling gaps between teeth.

You can also get veneers or bonding for diastema. Here, a tooth-coloured composite is used to fill gaps or cover the teeth to give it a more aesthetic appeal. Cracks or a chip in the tooth can also be corrected with this dental work. A dental bridge can also work for you to treat a gap or replace a missing tooth.

Should the diastema like we mentioned earlier be caused by an overgrowth of tissue, surgery can be done to take out the excess tissue. For gaps that are bigger, braces are a more suitable treatment option.

If you have a gum disease via diagnosis, your doctor has to treat you first before getting treated for diastema. The kind of treatment changes for gum disease and may include root planing and scaling to take out hardened plaque (tartar) from the top and bottom gums. By doing this, the bacteria responsible for the disease is removed.

When the case of gum disease is serious, you may need surgery to take out the tartar that has gathered from inside the gum. Bone and tissue regeneration may also be covered in surgery.

Is diastema treatable?

Yes, it is. People who want their gap between teeth to be corrected can have it done with any of the numerous successful procedures to fix the gap between teeth. Again, taking treatment for gum disease can bring an end to inflammation, and restore bone health.

Preventing a diastema

Certain diastemas cannot be prevented, however different treatments exist for lowering the chances of developing a gap.

These methods include:

  • Giving your children the help they need to unlearn a thumb-sucking habit
  • Engaging in good dental hygiene which includes regular brushing and flossing, and visiting your dentist two times a year for routine cleaning and oral checkup
  • Learning how to swallow properly

Are you interested in getting your gap between teeth closed? You can book an appointment with us at Adult Braces London today.

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