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Invisalign Cost UK Invisalign Cost UK

The UK Cost of Invisalign

At Adult Braces Clinic, there is one question we are often asked and that is:

“How much will my Invisalign treatment cost?”

To give you an accurate idea of how much your invisalign treatment cost, we’ll offer you a consultation.

What are Invisalign treatment costs likely to be in the UK cost?

Invisalign is a very popular treatment due to its innovative approach to making crooked or misaligned teeth straight again with the use of their clear removable aligners, worn one after another, for two weeks at a time. The end result is teeth that are straightened giving a confident smile.

Invisalign is popular as well because it is a very good alternative to traditional metal braces and wires. Treatment with Invisalign has transformed many millions of smiles, worldwide.

Invisalign treatment varies with each person who has it, but the cost, on average, will most probably be around £1900 to £4650. The details of our prices for Invisalign can be found in the guide to costs guide.

We offer various forms of Invisalign, but before any treatment we will carry out a full check of your teeth before any quote is produced.

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Always watch out for special offers that we frequently have on Invisalign and traditional braces.

At Adult Braces Clinic London, Our orthodontists will carry out Invisalign treatment and will let you know the treatment costs for the braces that you choose.

Fees for treatment can be fixed price or payment in stages right through to the retainer stage.

Our Invisalign treatment will include:

  • Any photos or X-rays needed and digital scanning if needed
  • All sets of Invisalign aligners and aligner attachments
  • Work to make more space, where extra space is needed, using interproximal reduction
  • Fixed wire retainers are £200 if needed.
  • 1 tube of whitening gel included at the end of the treatment.

When you are thinking of having treatment with Invisalign you should always make a point of finding out what experience the Invisalign provider you have chosen has and also make sure that you read their feedback online. Ask to see some examples of cases that they have completed in the past.

Here is a guide to typical costs for of Invisalign braces

Invisalign® i7 - £1950*

  • Records: X-rays, photos and 3D scan needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment (Clincheck)
  • 7 Aligners at the most during 14 weeks of treatment
  • Refinements: £400 charge each
  • Essix retainers available in the price, Vivera retainers are charged at £650.
  • Fixed wire retainers upper and lower are charged at £200.

Invisalign® Lite - £2650*

  • Records: 3D scan, X-rays and photos needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment procedure (Clincheck)
  • 14 Aligners for 20-28 weeks of the treatment
  • One free refinement included, Any extra refinement £400 each
  • 3 sets of Removable Vivera Retainers for the upper and lower teeth
  • Fixed wire retainers upper and lower are charged at £200.

Invisalign® Full - £3650*

  • Records: Photos, X-rays and 3D scan needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment procedure (Clincheck)
  • Almost 25 Aligners
  • One free refinement included any extra refinement £400 each
  • 3 sets of removable Vivera Retainers for the lower and upper teeth
  • Fixed wire retainers upper and lower are charged at £200.

Invisalign for Complex Cases - £4250*

  • Records: Photos, X-rays and 3D scan needed
  • Fixing complicated dental and bite problems
  • 3D Virtual treatment process.
  • Over 30 Aligners in for 11 to 18 months of treatment time.
  • Two Refinements included with additional aligners chargeable at £400 each.
  • 3 sets of removable Vivera Retainers for your upper and lower teeth
  • Fixed wire retainers upper and lower are charged at £200.

*all prices are including the introductory offer of £1000

 Finance for Invisalign

Most providers of Invisalign treatment will offer you options so that you can spread the costs of your treatment and choose what is going to work for you.

At Adult Braces Clinic London, we will always offer an (interest free) finance option to patients with a plan that starts with a deposit starting at £500. The remainder of the amount due will be payable usually over 6 to 18 months. Payments with interest payable can be made over a 60 month periods. We can discuss what suites you best.

Call us now and get a quote. Send us a photograph of your teeth if you would like a no-contact estimate of the likely cost of Invisalign treatment and that will be emailed to you. 

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5 Star Review IconI had been interested in getting Invisalign braces for sometime. A friend recommended Adult Braces London and I went to see them for an assessment. I went ahead with the treatment and I’m delighted with the results and with a very reasonable price that I paid.

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5 Star Review IconI had stopped wearing retainers after a previous tooth straightening. The staff were very kind and did not tell me off! The work I have had done so far has been excellent and I am looking forward to a new more confident smile in a shorter time than with traditional braces!

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5 Star Review IconI go for regular tray changes for my Invisalignat Adult Braces and my teeth are much betternow! I would definitely recommend them. I have a customer facing job and love the fact that the braces are virtually invisible.

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5 Star Review IconI wanted to have correction of my top teeth that had an overbite. I was told that Adult Braces Clinic could help. They have helped me, and made a customised Invisalign system that I am really pleased with, and a good price too.

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5 Star Review IconI have had crooked teeth since I was a child. I went to Adult Braces for advice and help. I have decided that I will go ahead with Invisalign invisible braces, very soon and am pleased at the relatively short time it will take.

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5 Star Review IconI was suffering teeth that had moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. The dentists at Adult Braces Clinic took a lot of time helping me and I am now having treatment to help me on my way to a great smile.