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Dental Hygiene in London

You can come to us if you are looking for dental treatment to improve the state of your teeth. Yeah, you heard right! At Adult Braces London, our team provides an excellent range of expert teeth cleaning procedures to help your teeth look brighter and cleaner. Scaling and polishing are also available at our practice to take out surface stains and plaque caused by bacteria. These services are aimed at preventing gum disease and keeping your dental health in tip-top condition.

People who have great dental health always consult their dentist for advice on how to keep their teeth sparkling white and hygienic. This means that you too, can schedule an appointment with us at our practice for help in giving your dental health a boost. We have highly experienced dental hygienists to make your visit very comfortable and great. Do you also know you can visit from Monday to Saturday? Yes, we are open for business on these days.

Our dental hygiene procedure that works

Flash pearl polish and scaling

This method of ours in cleaning teeth is one of the standard procedures that employs an airflow machine. A special powder is filled into the machine and upon application eliminates tough stains as a result of smoking, coffee or tea consumption. Patients who have sensitive teeth may find this technique to be mild and very comfortable for their condition.

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Dental hygiene advice

At your consultation with our hygienist, you will be given personal advice on how to properly care for your teeth and enhance your dental health at home. A guide on how to use dental floss for maximum results, the kind of toothbrush to use, and the correct angle at which you should hold your toothbrush while cleaning your teeth will be provided. The appointment with your hygienist will drive you towards maintaining strong and healthy teeth and gums.

You will be advised on the following:

  • The correct method of brushing and flossing
  • How to keep gum disease and gingivitis at bay
  • How to avoid the issue of halitosis (bad breath) or bad taste
  • How dental problems like gum disease can cause other health conditions including heart disease

See the price of our oral hygiene treatment



Oral check


Small radiographs (per x-ray)


Dental cleaning (Airflow)


Hygienist cleaning

From £75

Periodontal treatment (per session)

Per Arch £195

Chronic periodontal treatment plus dentomycin


Dental hygiene FAQs

What should I do to have great dental hygiene?

To keep up optimum dental hygiene, the following tips will be of help:

  • Daily brushing and flossing of your teeth
  • Visiting your dentist to have routine checkups
  • Maintaining a regular appointment with your hygienist
  • Make sure you clean your mouth very well
  • Eating a highly balanced diet
  • Avoid as much as possible sticky foods and coloured drinks
  • Stop smoking if you do
  • Get an effective mouthwash and clean your tongue very well

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In what way can health problems result from bad dental hygiene?

Severe health issues can come with poor dental hygiene. For instance, when you are not brushing your teeth very well, you will develop halitosis, tooth decay, and cavities. Current research has revealed that bad oral health can trigger more unprecedented health issues such as heart disease and more risk of Alzheimer's disease.

How do I know if my teeth are truly clean?

Brush your teeth for a minimum of two times everyday for at least 2 minutes. Start from one corner of the mouth and brush to the other corner ensuring that you clean every tooth surface. Brush carefully so as not to endanger your mouth and teeth.

Need to see a hygienist and clean your teeth?

If this is what you are interested in, then you have come to the right place. We have a dental plan that includes two regular checkups and extensive cleaning 2 times per year.

Book an appointment for checkups with us at Adult Braces London. During this appointment, do well to tell your hygienist of any medication you have been taking and lifestyle changes you've made. With this information and other comprehensive diagnostic checks, we will be able to plan your treatment according to your specific condition.

We are giving £1150 off on Any Invisalign TreatmentSave £1150 off Invisalign Treatment for a limited periodContact us for your consultation today!
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