We are open with our rigid protocols for COVID secure clinic - To protect the health and safety of our patients and staff we are taking COVID-19 precautions very seriously indeed.


  • An environment that is as safe as we can make it
  • A virtual consultation with one of our team
  • The use of PPE
  • Careful dental monitoring
  • Fully observed social distancing
  • Efficient and effective diary Management

We have undertaken all the changes we needed to make to ensure the safety of our patients, our staff and the general public.

We have bought the latest HEPA and UVC air purifier for our surgeries to further endure patient and staff safety.

We have always maintained a very high standard of infection control but that has now been increased to the highest level to include all non-clinical areas as well as undertaking constant disinfecting, everywhere.


We are using top quality Personal Protection Equipment but are also going beyond the recommendations and providing this wear to non-clinical staff. We are also upgrading our clinical masks to FFP2/3 for use during routine dental care as well as for complex procedures.

All members of our clinical teams will be wearing protective visors over masks as well as protective gowns and coverings over their shoes.

On arrival we will ask you to wear a mask. We will also take your temperature and if that is recorded above 37.3°C we will be unable to see you on that day and will offer you another appointment at a later date. We will ask you to wash and sanitise your hands, and we will also ask you to wait in your car or go for a walk until you are called into the surgery. We will also ask that you observe the prescribed 2m social distance, at all times.

Social Distancing

We have arranged our waiting room and the reception area to make it easier to comply with social distancing.

You will see that we have installed clear protective Perspex screens at reception. We have also removed some chairs because only a restricted number of patients can be accommodated at any one time in thew waiting room.

Look out for the stickers reminding you of the social distancing rules that we have put up outside and displayed inside the practice.

We can only see patients strictly by appointment. We do ask that when you come to the practice you make sure that you arrive only about 5 min before your appointment is due and we asl that you try to come alone, if you can.

Booking further appointments as well as all payments will be done over the phone or online.

Virtual Consultation

We are offering state of the art and completely free virtual consultations so that you can contact us and speak to us when you need to.

Wherever possible, treatments such as orthodontics, Invisalign braces or Incognito will be managed with our new Dental Monitoring Programmes.

This will give both our patients and our team at Practice much more flexibility and availability for consultations.

Regular Remote Monitoring

We are offering a revolutionary faster and safer way to a new healthy smile, without the need for unnecessary face to face appointments.

We are pleased to be one of the first practices in the UK who now offer Dental Monitoring to patients undergoing Invisalign treatment. This allows us to closely and frequently monitor the treatment progress of our patients and should help patients in reducing the amount of time they need to take off work or school.

We are confident that dental monitoring is quick and simple to use and will help us to identify how treatment is progressing.

Appointment Management

With our enhanced PPE and Social Distancing measures, appointment times will change. Appointment times will be longer and the time at which we ask patients to will be staggered. This will mean that for some time, there will be fewer appointments available. This is to allow us extra time to clean the surgery between each patient.

We will also be offering time for more vulnerable patients to have the treatment they need.


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5 Star Review IconI had stopped wearing retainers after a previous tooth straightening. The staff were very kind and did not tell me off! The work I have had done so far has been excellent and I am looking forward to a new more confident smile in a shorter time than with traditional braces!

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5 Star Review IconI was suffering teeth that had moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. The dentists at Adult Braces Clinic took a lot of time helping me and I am now having treatment to help me on my way to a great smile.