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Teeth Straightening for Adults
Teeth Straightening for Adults

Once a nightmare for teenagers, braces have quickly translated to a sought-after as dental failures now are no longer characterised by age. Generally, the best time is during childhood, but adults can have orthodontic treatment too- and more are doing so.

Adults now are taking advantage of the opportunity to get orthodontic treatment, as adult braces can now be found for every dental problem, whether complex or simple. Also, adult braces today are more comfortable, stylish and faster than before. Everyone deserves straight teeth and an unembarrassed smile, and so orthodontists have taken to providing a series of braces to suit different conditions.

Listed below are some adult braces:

Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear braces combine archwires and tieless brackets to quickly and comfortably move the teeth with guaranteed outstanding results. Just as the name suggests, Damon braces are designed with discreet qualities to reduce the level of embarrassment among patients.

If you're worried about stains and discolouration, you can rest assured as Damon clear braces are exempted from that. Other braces have visible metal parts or elastic ties, which often get discoloured during treatment but due to the tieless features of the Damon clear braces, the possibility of their getting stained is in fact extremely low.

Studies show that Damon braces are more effective at correcting severe crowding and are also very comfortable. In London clinics, the average cost is £5,500. Damon braces do not require tooth extractions or any expanders still it's sure to align your teeth and enhance your facial aesthetics perfectly. It is, however, most suitable for complex situations.


This teeth straightener is well known for its custom made features. It is made of clear, metal-free properties that little-by-little align your teeth, gently moving it till your teeth is eventually straightened.

The absence of metal wires and brackets gives it a discreet quality and so is the perfect recommendation if you are worried about a metal smile. It can be removed to eat or drink as these activities are most difficult with a fixed brace on. It can also be removed to brush the teeth. The average cost of Invisalign in UK starts from £1995, with the final price depending on the case's severity. These aligners, however, will only be effective if you wear it for the recommended amount of time and is not a suitable choice for complex problems.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual or Invisible braces are the best recommendations for patients not very accustomed to unnecessary attention. These braces are designed with completely hidden qualities and are custom made to fit the more irregular back surfaces of your teeth.

They are attached to the 'Tongue' side of your teeth, hence its name, but might be a bit of discomfort at first though in little time your mouth insides will adapt to its features. Though hidden from sight, they yet perform intense work on straightening your teeth from the inside. Lingual braces can treat the majority of orthodontic problems.

Six Month Smile Braces:

Six-month smile braces and CFast are  clear braces designed to straighten your outer teeth in around 6 months. This treatment type is sometimes referred to as 'short term orthodontics' as it achieves speedy results in a short time and is focused on tackling problems associated only with your front teeth.

It usually takes around 6 - 12 months straightening your teeth and correcting the way they bite together. Its clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires enable it to blend inconspicuously with your teeth. These braces are very popular among patients with an unstructured frontal dentition.

Inspire ICE Brackets:

These brackets possess monocrystalline properties for a clear appearance that effortlessly blends in with your natural enamel, regardless of the shade. Specifically made with a heat-treating process, they provide round contours and smooth surfaces for your comfort. Excellent at treating most cases, whether simple or complex, with a standard cost of £4,000.

Fast Braces

Fast braces cost less than slower braces. Continually increasing in popularity, these braces work on smile improvement at a much faster pace than traditional braces. It is a complete non-extraction system which is excellent at providing spectacular results.

What's more? They are less painful as they are designed with low mean frictional forces. Since its introduction since 1992, success stories have countlessly been recorded by both children and adults. Also, due to its features, working in a different principle, treatment can be reduced, which typically results in fewer visits to your doctor and reduced cost.

There's no such thing as 'too old' for braces as healthy teeth can be moved at any age. The study has, in fact, shown that one out of every five orthodontic patients is an adult. Research has also shown that the frequency of bad bites in adults is comparable to what we see in adolescents; therefore, the exact results of using braces in children can be expected of adults too.

A great-looking smile is a guaranteed way to boost self-confidence, and according to studies, orthodontic treatment can even enhance an adult's career and socialism. For adult braces options, do contact Adult Braces London right away!


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5 Star Review IconI had been interested in getting Invisalign braces for sometime. A friend recommended Adult Braces London and I went to see them for an assessment. I went ahead with the treatment and I’m delighted with the results and with a very reasonable price that I paid.

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5 Star Review IconI had stopped wearing retainers after a previous tooth straightening. The staff were very kind and did not tell me off! The work I have had done so far has been excellent and I am looking forward to a new more confident smile in a shorter time than with traditional braces!

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5 Star Review IconI go for regular tray changes for my Invisalignat Adult Braces and my teeth are much betternow! I would definitely recommend them. I have a customer facing job and love the fact that the braces are virtually invisible.

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5 Star Review IconI wanted to have correction of my top teeth that had an overbite. I was told that Adult Braces Clinic could help. They have helped me, and made a customised Invisalign system that I am really pleased with, and a good price too.

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5 Star Review IconI have had crooked teeth since I was a child. I went to Adult Braces for advice and help. I have decided that I will go ahead with Invisalign invisible braces, very soon and am pleased at the relatively short time it will take.

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5 Star Review IconI was suffering teeth that had moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. The dentists at Adult Braces Clinic took a lot of time helping me and I am now having treatment to help me on my way to a great smile.