5 Affordable Teeth Straightening Options You Might Not Know
5 Affordable Teeth Straightening Options You Might Not Know

Are you one of those people who are suffering from crooked teeth and embarrassed by your smile? Do you always try to shy away from social occasions? Do you believe fixing your smile involves years of wearing braces?

Good news! Today, both teenagers and grownups have more affordable choices for correcting a rough bite and straightening their teeth. The best part here is that the available orthodontic treatments today are composed of detachable devices, less invasive materials, and even shorter treatment periods.

Below is our list of top five best teeth straightening options you might not know about:

1. Short-term treatment:

A good example of a short-term treatment is Six Month Smiles. It’s a suitable option for people who like the benefits of cosmetic straightening but do not like complicated bite adjustments. The lower cost and shorter treatment period make this an attractive option compared to traditional braces.

2. Lingual Braces:
It is often referred to as invisible braces. This treatment option is attached inside of your teeth and concealed from view. It could be the perfect alternative for individuals who do not like the appearance of braces. Lingual braces are custom-made and might be costlier than the traditional ones.

3. Damon Braces:

Damon braces are composed of self-litigating braces. In case you didn’t know yet, these are brackets, which utilize a slide mechanism rather than an elastic band to hold the wires in place. This straightening option is less visible than traditional braces, and the treatment period might be a bit shorter. However, that could be a costlier alternative too.

4. Clear Teeth Aligners:

A good example of this is Invisalign braces. These are composed of a set of customized, removable aligners you wear similar to a retainer. The aligners are changed at least every two weeks until the teeth change into its new position.

Aligners are less visible unlike traditional brackets. On top of that, they are easily detached for flossing, brushing, and eating.

5. Traditional Braces:

Ultimately, we have traditional braces as well. These are composed of fixed brackets, elastic bands, and wires, working together to move your teeth into its new position. The braces you will see today in the market are much lighter and smaller than the past models. In fact, you could even pick your color liking.

What is the average length and cost of the treatment?

Keep in mind that the average cost of braces could range from £2,500 to £7,000. It could differ according to the treatment period as well as the type of materials utilized. Furthermore, braces are normally worn from eighteen to twenty-four months, with the exception of short-term treatment.

When it comes to the treatment periods, it could also differ according to your treatment plan and current condition. Post-treatment could often involve wearing either a removable or fixed retainer to hold your teeth to its new position.

Caring for your gums, teeth, and appliances throughout your orthodontic treatment is essential. Make sure you floss, brush, prevent hard or sticky foods, and follow all the necessary instructions from your Ceramic Braces near me.

Cherish the advantages of having a wonderful smile today:

The best thing about orthodontic treatment is that it will help you regain your pretty smile again. Straightening your teeth and fixing a crooked bite can enhance your oral health and make it more comfortable to enjoy your favorite foods.

Are you now ready to enrich your life? Let our Invisalign braces at Adult Braces Clinic in London help you in that case. We will help you identify the best straightening options to accomplish your preferred results.



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