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Ways to Straighten the Teeth without Using Braces
Ways to Straighten the Teeth without Using Braces

If you dont want conventional braces for straightening your smile? Don’t worry as there are numerous other teeth straightening options ranging from cosmetic treatments to clear aligners. If you are here to know how to straighten teeth quickly then this blog post is ideal for you. Read on to know the rapid teeth straightening solution available for you.

Invisible Braces:

If you want an alternative to braces, several discreet teeth straightening solutions are there for you. Incognito lingual braces come with custom-made gold-cased brackets for restoring your smile. Lingual braces are there to put on the back of your teeth and hence they are almost invisible.

Otherwise Invisalign aligners are available if you want a removable option. Apart from its being very discreet, it can be easily removed during you meal hours and daily oral care regimen. Use search interest- “Invisalign clinic near you in London” to undergo this treatment.

But make sure that you are wearing it for at 20 to 22 hours every day to attain the desired result in a short time span.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

If you are looking for alternatives to orthodontics then following solutions are available for you. Cosmetic dentist can be used to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Teeth Contouring:

If it is only about small tweaks then teeth contouring can be the most suitable option for you! In this procedure, a little amount of the teeth enamel will be removed for reshaping the teeth and balancing the smile. The patients with irregular teeth shapes or edges are right candidate for this dental solution.

Not only affordable and fast but this treatment also offers the desired outcome after just one session. Although it involves filing down some teeth enamel it will make the subtle and precise changes to your teeth whilst keeping your teeth not irreversibly damaged.

Teeth Bonding:

This technique is reliable and excellent for improving the teeth shape. Rather than polishing off the teeth enamel, dental bonding involves building up onto the teeth enamel to correct the shape with the help of tooth-coloured composite material. It is a relatively short treatment procedure that can transform your smile.

However, over 6 to 9 years some re-touch or treatments can be necessary to maintain the outcome of this dental procedure. The resulting build ups can chip and fail and the teeth will move again in time and not remain in their respective position. Hence, it is always advisable to consult with your dentist prior to having this treatment. The result is life like and good forba number of years.

Dental Veneers:

At this practice veneers are not invasive procedures for misaligned teeth. We now produce minimalist prep veneers that maintains a huge amount of strength of the tooth.  Veneers can help you to achieve dramatic outcomes with 3 weeks. An ideal set of teeth can be obtained with the help of meticulously produced thin porcelain veneers.

Obviously, a little amount of the teeth enamel will be polished down by the dentist ensuring the proper fittings of the veneers on the teeth. This is not reversible but last for many years.

Then, it must be replaced with the new one. In case the overall dental condition is fine except misaligned teeth then braces are widely recommended by the orthodontists instead of veneers.

These are  great substitutions to teeth straightening solution with braces. Before undergoing any treatment, it is advised to discuss with our dentists. Your dental condition will be assessed to determine the appropriate teeth straightening solution.

You are also can ask your concerns like how long will your treatment take during your dental assessment appointment. You will be informed in a detailed manner about all aspects of your treatment.


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