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Teeth contouring Teeth contouring

Tooth Contouring in London

When you want to have a beautiful smile, the whiteness and straightness of your teeth are extremely important. Several factors are there that might be the reason why you do not have the perfect smile. Some of these are broken or cracked teeth, slight overlaps, uneven wear, or having a tooth of different shape or size to that of others. The good news is that these problems can be fixed easily with tooth contouring.

At Adult Braces London, our team of dentists can help you with an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry treatments with their years of experience and in-depth knowledge in this field of dentistry. Whether you want to correct one tooth or several teeth, we will ensure that you achieve your attractive smile and confident look.

Should my teeth have to be contoured?

Tooth contouring is to reshape your teeth when they become somewhat crooked or slightly damaged. This means they have grown in a different way from your other teeth. In simple words, dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure on your upper teeth which remains visible when you smile with the lateral, canine and central teeth.

Apart from improving aesthetics of your smile, tooth contouring may be beneficial for your oral health and hygiene habits. If tooth contouring can be used for fixing the problem of an overlap, then you will find it easy to keep teeth clean after the treatment is done. This can help to prevent the problem of gum disease and tooth decay.

There are cases when tooth contouring might not be considered to be the suitable option. This is mainly because other problems should be addressed along with it which include – tooth decay or other alignment issues. You need to discuss with your dentist about the concerns you are facing and get the right treatment for your case.

How will tooth contouring work?

When you have decided to get the teeth re-shaped or contoured, you will have to visit the dentist for two to three times before the entire work gets done.

At the initial and first visit, he will discuss in details about all the options you have after assessing the condition of your teeth. Then he will tell whether dental contouring can be done on your teeth and you might have to get your teeth X-rayed at our clinic.

In the second visit, most contouring works will be done with several tools like drill and polishing equipment. The dentist removes small part of your tooth carefully for making your desired shape. Only small parts of outermost tooth layer are removed and you need to perform the treatment without using anaesthetic and feeling any kind of pain.

Based on the work to be done, the session for tooth reshaping generally requires thirty minutes to one hour. The dentist will ask you to visit the clinic again for your follow up appointment. At this time, he will check your teeth again and find out if minor touch-ups are needed. You may ask any questions related to the procedure that arise in your mind to the dentist.

long will dental contouring last?

These methods are repairable and of course, predictable. Tooth contouring will generally last longer as your teeth stays in proper position till they shift naturally over the years. Tooth bonding is done somewhere between 7 to 0 years, on an average.

What will be the cost for teeth contouring?

At Adult Braces London, we usually charge somewhere between £195 to £300 each tooth for dental contouring. You are given a discount when you treat several teeth at a time. Tooth reshaping is an affordable cosmetic procedure that may help to improve your smile and overall appearance.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure at Adult Braces London

If you want to know how tooth contouring can help to improve your smile or have other concerns related to dental hygiene habits, then you may contact us at 020 31373179.

Our dental clinic us situated in London and we have a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patients. We have a wide range of cosmetic dental methods and our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss your exact concerns. We would ensure that the ultimate result will be the perfect smile you love to wear on your face. Our dentists are always willing to offer help anytime you give them a call.

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