Teeth contouring Teeth contouring

Teeth contouring

For most persons, having a beautiful smile comes down to the straightness and whiteness of the teeth. However, having crooked, worn down, irregularly shaped, broken, differently sized and overlapping teeth give you an imperfect smile. 

These factors impact negatively on your facial expression and may give you an unattractive smile, but you can easily correct them with teeth contouring.

Teeth contouring is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. A lot of people have used teeth contouring to fix different kinds of teeth imperfections and make their smile dazzling. You can contour an imperfect tooth or several teeth, and it is a quick fix for people who need to have a perfect smile for any important event.

Do I need to contour my teeth?

Teeth contouring aims to correct slightly damaged, abnormally shaped or sized teeth. Most people use this cosmetic dental treatment to fix their upper teeth. This section of the teeth, which is the lateral, canine, and central teeth are more visible when smiling.

Teeth contouring improves the aesthetic of the smile and also improves oral hygiene, which helps to prevent further dental problems like tooth decay—for example, correcting overlapping teeth makes brushing and cleaning easier. This enables you to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

Although teeth contouring is an effective dental treatment, it may not be suitable for everyone. People with underlying dental issues like misalignments and tooth decay may need to treat these issues before they can contour their teeth. Before teeth contouring, you would have a consultation with your dentist to determine whether or not you can contour your teeth.

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How does teeth contouring work?

To contour your teeth, you may need two or three dental visits. On the first dental visit, your dentist will examine your gum and teeth to ensure that teeth contouring is the right treatment option for you, then perform teeth x-rays. Your dentist might discuss other alternatives to correct your damaged teeth.

During the second teeth contouring visit, your dentist will perform most of the work needed for teeth contouring. The dentist will polish, and drill your teeth, then remove some part of the teeth to make the shape look more attractive. The procedure requires removal of a small amount of the enamel, so, you might not need an anaesthetic.

Depending on the work your dentist needs to do, your reshaping session may last for about thirty minutes to an hour.

Some dentists do not offer a third appointment, but if your dentist does, it would be a follow-up appointment to examine your teeth and carry out some minor touch-ups to give a more beautiful finishing.

What is the cost of teeth contouring?

The cost of teeth contouring varies, depending on several factors. On average, contouring a tooth cost between £150 - £300, and some dentists offer discounts when you contour several teeth, so ask your dentist about possible discounts if you want to contour more than one tooth.

If you want affordable teeth contouring from an experienced dentist, visit Adult Braces London or call us on 020 31373179 to book an appointment for your teeth contouring.

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