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Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite in London

Invisalign Lite is a reliable and discreet brace that will subtly straighten your teeth. It uses transparent aligners that are removable. Before your treatment begins, the dental practitioner will get a series of custom-make aligners prepared in a dental lab that will fit perfectly into your mouth. Each aligner is usually worn for about two weeks. As you move on from one aligner to another, your teeth gradually move to their desired position to make your smile more attractive.

Invisalign Lite possesses all the impressive features of Invisalign although it is designed for cases with lesser complexity, ranging from mild to moderate levels of malocclusion or teeth malalignment. Usually, Invisalign Lite treatment uses no more than 10 aligners and the treatment time is also much shorter about 5 to 8 months.

Cases that Invisalign Lite can fix

Invisalign Lite will solve the following cases of malocclusion:

Invisalign Lite gives you every benefit that Invisalign braces offer, including:

If you want an invisible brace that gives great results faster, look no further than Invisalign Lite.

Invisalign Lite benefits

Alternatives to Invisalign Lite

Although there have been numerous positive reviews and feedback on Invisalign, there are other suitable braces out there one can use.

Clearsmile aligner is just like Invisalign lite and focuses on straightening the 8 -10 front teeth.

Incognito Lite fixes the teeth behind the 6-8 front teeth. This is often preferred because it is placed behind the teeth and is practically invisible.

Whichever one you opt for, you must wear a retainer to maintain the position of the corrected teeth.

Cost of Invisalign Lite

The cost of Invisalign lite is about £1800 – £3500. Treatment with i7 ranges from £2500 -£3500 and £1200 – £3000. However, these costs will vary based on the nature of treatment and complexity.

FAQs on Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite is designed to treat problems like mild crowding, tiny gaps in between the teeth or teeth that are slightly crooked. If you suffer from more serious malocclusion then Invisalign Comprehensive may be more suitable for you. On the other hand, if your problem is simpler and more uncomplicated, then you should switch to Invisalign Express braces.

Teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign Lite takes about 5 to 8 months. Once the teeth are straightened, you will need to wear retainers to hold the teeth in their new positions. You can choose between fixed and removable retainers.

Invisalign Lite is as discreet as the conventional Invisalign braces. It uses clear and transparent aligners that perfectly blend with your teeth enamel. Even from very close quarters, it is almost impossible to spot Invisible Lite braces inside your mouth.

At Adult Braces London, the price of Invisalign Lite treatment starts from £1500.

The exact cost depends on certain factors and varies from case to case. Please feel free to visit our London clinic for further discussion. We will thoroughly assess your mouth and design a customised treatment plan along with determining the exact cost of your treatment.

At Adult Braces London, we also offer affordable payment plans.
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