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Smile Makeover Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

In cosmetic dentistry, people can lift their smile via a combination of certain procedures like:

The entire process of taking your smile from where it is to where you desire it to be is called a smile makeover.

So many persons may have unique reasons for transforming their smile, and the cosmetic surgeon ensures your special considerations are evaluated while improving that smile upon your face. Certain aspects of your face are considered including the colour of your face, tone of your skin, the colour of hair, lips, gum tissue, and all aspects of your teeth like colour, length, shape, width, and tooth display.

Do you like the way you smile or the way your teeth looks? If no, what parts of your smile will you like to be altered? Would you prefer your teeth to be displayed in a particular way?  The following are parts of your smile that can be discussed with you and upgraded:

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Colour of teeth

You can have a more natural-looking tooth-coloured composite used in place of silver or amalgam dental fillings, while any stain or discolouration in your teeth can be whitened with a tooth whitening treatment. The shade and colour of your teeth are very crucial in preparing and analysing different dental procedures, including composite bonding, bridges, crowns, dental implants, and porcelain veneers.

In teeth colour consideration, bear in mind that stained or blemished teeth may indicate mouth ageing. On the contrary, a better smile with clear and white teeth contributes to a more youthful look. The tone and colour of your hair and face will determine what shade your dentist will choose for veneers and teeth whitening. This is because cosmetic dentists have the finesse to ensure you have a brighter and whiter smile that matches the natural colour of your teeth.

Spacing and alignment of teeth

Gaps between teeth, crooked, and overlapping teeth can be corrected if necessary using Invisalign, orthodontics and enhanced with veneers.

Missing teeth

There are side effects to having single or multiple teeth missing. From affecting your occlusion, the way your smile looks, to increasing your chances for tooth decay, this malocclusion is a condition that requires treatment. An important aspect of dental health and facial expression is replacing missing teeth. You can replace missing teeth with bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants.

Symmetry of the teeth

Cosmetic bonding can be of great help for persons with chipped, cracked, and non-uniform teeth. Even a gummy smile can be treated to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

More expressive cheeks, lips, and smile

Using some smile makeover procedures like orthodontics or oral maxillofacial surgery, wrinkles, sagging, and lines which are signs of facial skin ageing can be restored.

By working closely with you, the cosmetic dentist will be able to put together a special treatment plan that will give you the desired outcome of your smile upgrade. Most times, this plan of treatment may cover several cosmetic and very effective restorative work which will mainly feature orthodontics (braces), lowering of a gummy smile, oral maxillofacial surgery, dental crowns, veneers, composite bonding, and teeth whitening.

What are the appealing parts of a smile upgrade?

In planning your smile makeover, it is important that your dentist consider the balance, colour, and alignment of your teeth particularly the area that is on display (the top and bottom teeth sections) when you smile - known as the aesthetic zone. Other relevant areas that need to be addressed in the plan include:

  • The length of your teeth: You look younger when your teeth are long. When you grow older, your body changes as a result of wear and tear, and it affects the size of your teeth such that it becomes shorter plus, you may now have a gummy smile. In treating shorter teeth, the two central front teeth have to be reshaped and stretched using porcelain veneers or composite bonding. Should you have a gummy smile, treatment to adjust your gum line may be provided by the cosmetic dentist. They may use laser dentistry techniques to make your teeth longer. Should it be necessary, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist for teeth lengthening with crowns.

The general look of your face may be impacted by teeth lengthening. For instance, if a person with a round face has a shape, long, square teeth, it can make the face appear slimmer.

  • Slim line: Following the edges of your teeth from one corner to the other is an imaginary line which is referred to as a smile line. In an ideal setting, this line should match the curve formed by your bottom lip in a smile. Considered as a standard reference point, this feature can be used in determining the length of your new teeth.
  • The proportion of the teeth: Symmetry is very important in teeth formation. This is why your cosmetic dentist will take a look at both your top and bottom teeth to find out if they are in the right proportion. An appealing smile as recognised by most persons is one with a pronounced two central front teeth having a 4-to-5 width-to-length ratio. It is this proportion that forms the yardstick for the width and length of other teeth in the aesthetic zone to create a smile line that is balanced.
  • The feature and texture of the teeth: Do you know you can have a male or female appearance from the artistic characterisation of the crowns or veneers done by a dentist? This is possible. They can even make your teeth look like and feel like those of celebrities.

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Keeping up your smile makeover outcome

Every cosmetic work demands you practice good dental hygiene and maintenance with time to have a better smile always. For instance, you need to whiten your teeth periodically to keep it bright. Porcelain veneers may break and chip and require replacement. As for permanent composite bonding, it may need improvement or replacement when it gets stained. After 10 to 15 years of use, dental crowns usually needs replacement. You may also need to continuously work on your gummy smile after initial treatment.

How long your smile makeover will last will depend on the ceramist, dental lab technician, and the choice of material used by the dentist. It is advised that if you want optimum results, be very careful when choosing a cosmetic dentist and find out about what options you have for materials.

Before making arrangements for your smile makeover, the current state of your dental health must be checked. Eligibility for smile makeover means passing the test and checks done on your gums, teeth, occlusion (bite), and underlying support structure. Should the outcome of this test prove you have gum disease or a malocclusion, the condition has to be treated first before correcting your smile.


A myriad of dental technologies are employed by cosmetic dentists to help patients see their expected changes in a smile makeover procedure. For instance, if you need a veneer or crown, your cosmetic dentist may develop a mock-up of your non-permanent teeth to help the lab technician understand what your peculiar needs are. Another perk of this tech is that with a mock-up, you can see beforehand what the result of your treatment will be so that you can be sure whether to go ahead with the proposed plan of treatment.

Aside from this technology, there are other digital techniques that can help you see the result of your smile makeover before time. They include:

  • Dental imaging software: With imaging technology, patients can have a preview of their expected outcome. This tech can also be used by your dentist to show the lab technician or any dental expert involved in your treatment what your needs are. Please bear in mind that a digital picture will only provide an idea of what your smile will be like; however, it may not look like the final result of the treatment.
  • Pre- and post-treatment pictures: The results you may expect to get from your treatment can be seen from the before and after pictures of patients who have had the treatment previously. It also gives you an idea of what the cosmetic dentist has to offer in terms of treatment quality.
  • Dental study models: A model of your teeth may be taken and filled with plaster to create a precise model of your teeth. The plaster will now be worked on by either reducing or adding volume as the case may be. With dental study models, your dentist can reveal every aspect of your smile you should expect. Guides used by dental lab technicians for crafting veneers or crowns are provided by dental models.

It is possible for your dentist to collaborate with digital technology-operated laboratories. In this case, digital scans rather than the manual impression of your teeth can be taken to create models of your teeth and smile.

  • Dental composite bonding mock-up: Using composite resin material, your dentist can attach them to your teeth for a short time to give you an idea of the procedure before going ahead with the treatment. When it comes to veneers, dental composite bonding gives you the chance to know how it fits, appears, and feels. The dentist can tweak the material until you are satisfied with the result and look of your new smile. Immediately they are detached, mock-ups have no permanent effect on your teeth.

What's the price for making a smile over?

The following will determine how long your treatment will take and the cost:

  • Your dental insurance plan
  • The dentist
  • Location
  • Your requirements for a smile makeover
  • Condition of dental health

In a case where you have a pre-existing health issue as diagnosed by the dentist, your treatment may be pricey and take a longer time. Even though this restorative work may be partly paid for by your dental insurance provider, you will have to pay more than what someone whose dental health condition is severe will pay.

Ensuring your mouth gets the proper care and visiting the dentist from time to time will help prolong the service life of your veneers and other restorative treatments, and your smile will look amazing.

Resin-based treatments like tooth-coloured fillings, for example, can remain active from 3 to 9 years or more if you take good care of them. But as for porcelain veneers, these ones can last from 10 years and above before the need to replace them arises.

How can you maintain treatment results?

If you can make alterations to your dental health so it can take care of your new smile, it will help you keep it for a long time.

Do keep your teeth away from toothpaste that are abrasive and toothbrush that are hard as they can damage the polish and glow of the restorative treatment. Ensure you use non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste to clean your mouth. Also, visit your dentist for useful advice and recommendations. For Optimum results, kindly ensure you brush twice or 3 times a day.

Also, floss your teeth to make them debris- and plaque-free, reduce risks of tooth decay, and extend the lifespan of your new smile. Flossing is something everyone should do. But patients who use veneers should be serious with it as gum tissue health is crucial.

Should you use composite filings, alcohol-based mouthwash should be avoided. The reason is that the alcohol contained in mouth rinses can damage the adhesive used in bonding your restorative work, (veneers or crowns) to your teeth. Instead, use mouthwashes that are free from alcohol since they are very safe and hygienic.

What foods and drinks should you limit or not take?

Highly sugary foods and snacking between meals should not be part of your eating lifestyle. Doing this will help you keep cavities at bay. Lower your consumption of tea, coffee, and soda to keep your teeth without stain.

Avoid too much intake of alcoholic drinks as it can damage all the treatment you have done.

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More precautionary measures

To make your restorative work last long, we advise that you do not bite down on hard substances and objects like pencils, pens, bottle caps, amongst others. Should you be experiencing teeth grinding (bruxism) and your dentist asked that you put on a night guard to keep your teeth and new restoration safe, please follow this instruction.

The cost of porcelain veneers is between £945 and £1,947 per tooth while composite bonding costs starts from £290 to £390 per tooth. Considering this price, it is crucial you practice your dentist- and hygienist-recommended rules to protect your treatment.

Your cosmetic dental treatment won't last forever, just like everything else. But, composite bonding will need replacement after 5 to 7 years whereas porcelain will be replaced after 10 to 15 years. In the face of all this, how long you will enjoy your upgraded smile still comes down to how much care you give it, and the finesse of your cosmetic dentist too.

In the replacement of a damaged veneer or crown, impressions of your teeth will be retaken; there will be a shade matching, a non-permanent veneer will also be given to you while you wait for the permanent one to be made. Also, your dentist policy may or may not put you in charge of paying the full cost of the replacement veneer or crown.

Stick to your dentist's advice to keep enjoying the durable effects of your new smile. When it comes to follow-up appointments, kindly ensure you do visit the dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment. Also, keep routine professional cleaning appointments with your dentists and hygienists. This is very important if you want to make the most out of your smile makeover procedure.

Feel free to book an appointment with us at Adult Braces London as we provide premium smile restoration works, and our dentists are highly trained and experienced. Contact our team right away.

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