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Porcelain Veneers Porcelain Veneers

Get Porcelain Veneers At Adult Braces London

Veneers in dentistry are a wafer-thin cover for the teeth. The availability of modern-day porcelain materials has made it possible for veneers as thin as 0.3 of a millimetre to be made in a laboratory by cosmetic technicians. If a patient decides to have aesthetically appealing teeth, porcelain veneers can be of help as it requires no teeth drilling or injection. Those whose gap between teeth is much or who have small teeth are best suited for this kind of treatment.

Uses of porcelain veneers and if it's right for you

Typical applications of porcelain veneers include:

  • To make a smile better and healthy
  • As an additional treatment to teeth whitening for people whose teeth cannot be brightened by only whitening treatment
  • For teeth that have been stained or discoloured such that the sight isn't attractive
  • For diastema, broken and chipped teeth correction
  • Fixing of minor cases of crooked teeth
  • A dazzling smile that will boost your self-confidence

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Perks of porcelain veneers

Emax veneers or Lumineers are the latest materials used in the production of porcelain veneers that enables ultra-thin veneers to be produced. The perks of using them are:

  • It makes tooth reduction or drilling to be completely or minimally unnecessary
  • Patients are not injected as the procedure is without drilling. However, a local anaesthetic is available upon request by the patient or recommendation by the dentist to provide a more relaxing experience
  • When it comes to staining, porcelain veneers are resistant
  • A more natural and appealing smile particularly when more than one teeth are done. Other treatment options that can offer the type of effect porcelain veneers create are few
  • The procedure requires a few appointments and is completed on time
  • Where the case of crowding is minor, teeth are corrected almost at once as compared to orthodontic work. That said, please bear in mind that you shouldn't replace porcelain veneers for orthodontic work; they have different but unique functions

The drawbacks of porcelain veneers

They include the following:

  • Teeth may tend to look bigger after fitting the veneers because no drilling or very little reduction is required. Zero tooth reduction is only allowed in the case of porcelain veneers when the patient's teeth are very small, and they desire a more pronounced teeth
  • To prevent the first point above, tooth reduction may become necessary, but it is not recommended, especially when the teeth are healthy. In a case like this, composite veneers may come in handy
  • Porcelain veneers can detach and fall off
  • Breakage and chipping is possible and would require replacement which will cost some money
  • Porcelain veneers are not easy to repair; the possibility is slim
  • Every 7 to 10 years, patients who use porcelain veneers have to replace them, and it requires money

What is the cost of porcelain veneers?

Generally, the cost of dental veneers depends on the:

  • Skills and experience of the cosmetic dentist
  • Skill and experience of the dental technician producing the veneers in the lab
  • The material used in the making of the veneers
  • Brand types including Durathin veneers and Lumineers

If you are getting single or double teeth cover using veneers, you may have to pay more than when you are covering more than one teeth.

Extra charges may incur for trial smiles which are always needed when you need more than 2 veneers.

Here at Adult Braces London, patients will get:

  • Home whitening when more than 4 veneers are to be done
  • Very long-lasting veneer type, for instance, Emaxveneers which has a starting price of £495 each
  • For each tooth, the price for a trial smile is £50 while the fee cost at least £150

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Is it possible for the porcelain veneer to get loose or break?

Porcelain veneer of any form can come loose. The possibility of veneer losing its grip on the tooth enamel, which is typically the condition where there is no drilling or reduction of a tooth is very low as the bonding to the enamel is strong.

This means that for a veneer to break, it is because of too much pressure or bad habits and diets. Should a veneer break, you will have to change it entirely with a new set.

How about whitening and staining of porcelain veneers?

With porcelain veneers as a cosmetic treatment, a stain is not possible since they are stain-resistant though the teeth around them can be stained.

You cannot whiten veneers which is why you need to be very sure of the colour you want before it is made. Why? The colour of a porcelain veneer is permanent and cannot be changed once done.

How are dental veneers fitted?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will assess your condition, know what you need to change about your smile, and how you want it to be. Your teeth and gum condition will be evaluated. This is because, without a healthy gum and teeth, cosmetic treatment may not work. Should you not know about your dental condition, we can conduct a check-up on you and cleaning if you so desire.

After the condition of your gum and teeth has been ascertained, we will check if you are eligible for porcelain veneers depending on what you need and the expected outcome. What does this mean for you? It implies that your veneers can be done with or without any tooth reduction.

Should all the conditions be met, the next thing will be a trial smile procedure where the shape and size of the veneers are tried out first. Also known as wax up, a trial smile is a mock-up of the veneers displayed on a cast model of your teeth for evaluation. With this, you can now see beforehand what your veneers will look like. Should there be need to take out a tooth or make any adjustments to your teeth, the trial smile will show it, and the details will be discussed with you.

When you are satisfied with the outcome of the Trial smile, your teeth will be treated and adjusted if necessary, based on what the Trial smile has shown.

Your dentist will take impressions of the teeth, and temporary veneers will be made available according to the design agreed upon during the trial smile. Patients can now have a good idea of how the veneers will appear on their teeth. Should there be a need to effect any minor changes, the possibility of changing the style of the veneers is high before making the permanent veneers in the laboratory.

After this time, the next thing is to install the permanent veneers. When your dentist feels the veneers are okay, the patient's satisfaction about the size, shape, and colour of the veneers will also be checked before fitting it.

What's the longevity of porcelain veneers?

For porcelain veneers to last, it comes down to several factors including:

  • The patient's habits where they grind their teeth or not
  • The kind of food the patient eats
  • Accidental damage
  • Teeth position and patient's occlusion

It is expected as a general rule for veneers to last between 7 to 10 years. Some may take more years to last; others may not last long.

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