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Six Month Braces

Straightened Teeth with Six Months Braces London

Having crooked or unstraightened teeth is indeed a total mess and may even appear more irksome, especially for patients who are not willing to undergo the normal traditional metal wired braces. Well, you shouldn’t have to wait for a year or two to get your teeth straightened. With six months smile, you are sure to have your teeth fixed in about six months. At adult braces, our specialist dentist In London will offer amazing teeth straightening process that takes less than a year to give you a straighter smile.

What are six months smiles?

Six months smile is a quick and effective alternative to conventional braces; they are becoming a recent treatment process in the field of orthodontics, focused towards moving the teeth into better alignment position within 6 months, by utilising clear braces for the treatment procedure. The treatment is specifically more suitable for patients interested in a shorter treatment period.

Who should consider a six-month smile orthodontic braces

Most adults are good candidates for six-month smiles, especially patients with extrusions, rotations, intrusions or tipping. However below are common issues that can be easily rectified with a six months smile;

How can the teeth be straightened with clear braces in just 6 months?

We are often asked questions regarding how feasible it is for your teeth to get straightened within six months. However, with the incorporation of cutting edge technology into the field of orthodontics, coupled with experienced orthodontics professionals and a community of dentists all over the world, your smile can be easily revitalised within six months. Nevertheless, the procedure has exploited the benefits of other treatment procedure, by utilising clear wires and braces, primarily focused towards moving the set of teeth that are displayed when you smile.

What are the treatment procedures?

The treatment will normally follow the following process below:

What are the benefits of six months smile?

Some Frequently Asked Questions We are Often Faced with:

The 6 months smile treatment uses special nickel titanium wires for each treatment. With this, your teeth are gently moved until your smile is completely revitalised. Emphases are often laid on the aesthetics of your teeth and the appearance of your teeth, rather than the position of your bite.

Treatments are rarely painful; this is often due to the fact that six-month smile works gradually while moving the teeth to their normal position. However, since everyone is different and what works for others may not necessarily work for you, the chances are that you might experience an initial discomfort which can be easily taken care of, with the use of aspirins or other pain relievers.

You may experience some few changes during your first week of treatment. However, as you get used to your new braces, your speech may usually return to its normal condition.

The six-month smile is less expensive than conventional metal brace treatment. Treatment may often vary based on the severity of your dental conditions.

Definitely! However, if your teeth are unrestrained, it tends to move back to its pre-treatment position. Generally, the work of the retainers is to avoid such scenarios as it would occur in any other orthodontic treatment process.